We have included a few good examples of how clubs all over Sweden are working to make football more inclusive. Watch, enjoy and be inspired!


Thanks to our previous fundraisers, we have been able to distribute a total of SEK 8 million to 70 clubs actively working to improve Swedish football. These are some of those clubs:

IK Uppsala Fotboll
FSR Coach (Football Social Responsibility)
The IK Uppsala Fotboll project FSR Coach is trying to level the playing field to make sure more girls and women stay longer in football and i.e. become coaches. The project is a combination course (FSR) which also includes a value course based on the Ronja model.
Eskilstuna United
Ronjabollen is an equality and integration project that works to strengthen young girls who live and reside in poorer areas. The aim of the project is to strengthen the self-esteem and self-worth in young girls between the age 8 to 15, to make them confident enough to make their own decisions in life, and to find a suitable sport club that can give their spare time more meaning. The project was started in 2018 by TRIS – Tjejers Rätt i Samhället (Girl’s Rights In Society) from Uppsala, but it was initiated and established in Eskilstuna. The project is unique in the way that it combines physical activity with exercises on value, which helps make a positive difference for girls who are socially vulnerable. The ambition is to expand the project in order to have more girls join and fill their spare time with more meaning.
Barkarö SK
Girl Initiative
The Girl Initiative project aims to make football more interesting for girls and to build bridges between the suburbs of Västerås (Barkarö and Bäckby). The idea for the Girl Initiative is to act as a catalyst to make girls feel comfortable enough to play football, which in will integrate them into club life and increase the understanding between different cultures.
Other good examples
Parafotboll – Degerfors IF
Jitex Mölndahl
En mera jämställd fotboll